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I am sad about it

Even if I have an iPhone 8+ and the updates are done, I don’t have the complete version like every other person around me... It’s frustrating !!! Please correct this problem...

Dislike Button

Would be 5 stars but there is no dislike button on comments. Like how hard is it to add a simple dislike button on comments.

Are you joking??

This isn’t the first problem but it won’t let me play videos. Also put things in chronological order ffs

Be harrased

I dont appreciate people sticking there nose where it doesnt belong. Please can u do something about the people I dont want posting on my instagram page. I have deleted instagram off my phone because I dont like being harrased, by people that I blocked on facebook. My understanding is if people are blocked on facebook they cant find you on instagram. So please can u do something about that. I dont like being harrased. Thanks

Story Highlights

I still don’t have the option for story highlights!! Is there anything I can do? I already deleted the app and re-installed it, logged out and in my account?! Help please!!


Would you please consider putting an option of blocking people from texting you and I ask this because if you blocked them then they would know. But if you do this can you make it like they don’t know you blocked their ability to text you. please put this option down so I can be in peace without the dirty work. Please for the love of god make this feature happen.

Quality and updates.

For the most part, instagram is a great app. On the other hand, instagram really needs to step up the quality of their videos. Many would like to see videos in HD, not some crappy quality. I also don’t like how some accounts have different updates. For example, on one of my accounts they have the nice cleaner version, and on another account I cannot even add a link to my story for my business account. It would be nice if each account had the same availabilities as others.

Annoying and slow.

Slow. Instastories have a 50/50 chance of loading, even when I am on WiFi.

Story Text Features

I am not receiving the option to change my text font on my story. Not sure why but it is really annoying!


Love it


My instagram is always acting up I only follow like 500 people and it never lets me follow any more at times it does than it stops md doesn’t allow me to follow again


As an instagram editor, recently i have been pretty upset over the way that instagram functions & works altogether. The algorithm is absolutely awful & ruins the point of using the app. I once enjoyed instagram, when i could see the posts in my feed chronologically. Personally, i do not believe that instagram can customize your feed to the way you would like it to based on what you like & comment on. This could be fixed with a chronological timeline. My followers cannot reach my posts & it has led to inactivity & frustration. Another issue that has been mentioned millions of times is quality. Once again, i edit & create videos/content for others to SEE. When my quality is ruined when i post, and the edit cannot be seen at all, it makes me want to leave the app. I do not want to deal with this anymore, and if it takes thousands of reviews about one issue, maybe instagram will get the hint!

The Best

Instagram is my favorite App to use, by far.

Improve Video Quality

Instagram is an amazing platform and contributes so much but they have updated absolutely everything except video quality. It’s gotten worse and it’s upsetting everyone.

mostly good but some issues.

i love instagram! its a great place to post pictures and communicate with people. the only bad thing about it is that it freezes and crashes a bunch. but thats it. overall instagram is a great app.

AppleWatch ????

They did away with the AppleWatch portion of the app ... I don’t plan on using Instagram much anymore

Some Issues

I have had a great experience with Instagram. But there are some things I have been noticing that are mistakes. One issue is dealing with filters. My best friends, and some of the other people I follow have some new filters that I don’t have, and I have updated many times after I realized this and still, I don’t have those face filters. Secondly, I cannot join anyone’s live or invite anyone to my live. Every time it someone invites me it says not able to join. And I don’t have the icon to invite others to my life. Please fix these problems if you can. Love, User



Bugger finder

The app has gotten better since I first joined back in high school although I’m wondering something about “stories” when I delete a previous story people who have seen it can’t see my new story afterwards. Ex: I have one story posted and it has 10 views but I decided to delete it and share a new one. Now the familiar ones who are the first to see my stories it don’t see it within the first few hours. This has happened in early versions of the app.

Apple Watch

Does not work. Needs bugs fixed ASAP.

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