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I love instagram it is very nice snuggling up into a blanket and looking at photos that people post

Pics and followers are being deleted/unfollowes

I am trying to post pics put 1-2 hours later they are being deleted.Also I am trying to follow people but then also 1-2 hours later they just are being unfollowed by me and I’m not doing it!! Please fix this it is really frustrating me!!

It’s not working

Am just brought an new phone and trying to login my account but it is saying already using some other account but am not using it on any other


Instagram is one of my favourite apps.?????

Awesome but...

I love Instagram and everything is perfect except one thing, sometimes when Im just scrolling down through posts it just crashes and when I go back on it crashes every 5 seconds, so I would love if you could fix that!


Instagram is awesome ! Im just a little frustrated because i cant post polls on my story like most people. ??

Bring back chronological timelines!

Love IG but would prefer the old way of being able to see chronological entries instead of what IG ‘thinks’ I need to see!


I don’t know what’s going on by every time I try and go to my messages/dm it shuts the app down and closes it. I have like five unread messages. What’s going here.



More bugs!!

Once again Instagram has the bug that erases all the post notifications after you click to view can’t view the others. This app is getting worse ?


Why don’t I have polls even though I have the latest update?

Alexa santos

A mi encanta esta red social porque en la que mas paso y no tiene fallo mm..?pero pensándolo bien pues?pues quisiera que tome fotos como Snapchat por que más uso Snapchat para tomarme fotos por que instagram no me sirve para eso pero ya en lo demás me encanta?????


Every fifth picture is an ad. When you choose the option to "See Fewer Posts Like This," you dont actually see fewer posts like this. The app is losing its appeal. Could you offer a chronological option? A paid/one time fee, ad free option?

Old news, but, miss the old Insta.

The algorithm KILLS me. I see posts in my feed that are 3–4 days old (despite checking my feed a couple times a day), and not as many people see my posts anymore (which has been detrimental to my art sales). I like the insights, but feel my posts are “held back” in a way to entice me to pay for promoted posts. ‘Recommended posts’ suddenly showing up in my feed haven’t been *too bad,* but I’d rather see all the posts from people I follow before I see the people Instagram—err, Facebook—THINKS I should follow.

Love it!

Instagram is my fav!!!!

The new update is TRASH?

The new update has caused the app to CONSTANTLY crash, mostly after recording videos — it crashes as soon as you tap “send to” or “add to story” or “save”, which in turn, deletes the whole video. FIX THIS CRAP!!!!!!


It’s amazing

Chronological order!!!!

I am begging you to PLEASE bring back chronological order to Instagram! I hate seeing post from 16hrs ago as the first thing I see in IG! It drives me bonkers! I would spend way more like on this app if they still had chronological order posts!

Súper problema

Amo esta app muchísimo pero ya hace rato que salió la nueva actualización con los gifs y hasta el sol de hoy no me aparecen los gifs. Ya desinstale la app y la instale varias veces pero el problema persiste. Me gustaría reducir alguna solución.

Hashtag problem.

Everything I’ve been trying to post a photo on Instagram, I would put in hashtags that go with the pic. I click on one of the hashtags and my photo is not in there. I’m getting less likes and less followers. Please Instagram, please fix the problem fast! It’s been like this for 4 days! Has anyone else experienced this problem too?? Could you please update this app?? Fix the hashtag problem?? I would really appreciate it!

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