Instagram App Reviews

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Just need 5 more tags on top of the 20 it’s not enough to get everyone in a group picture especially if it’s more than one picture

Chronological Order Please

I like Instsgram, but want my feed set up in chronological order. Please add this as an option

Saved posts wont even open!

With the newest update, the saved post page isnt even loading! Why is it that when one thing gets fixed, the other stops working?!

Wont losd

I cant get it to load my saved thinfs in my account.

They shadowban for no reason - robbing user of a good experience

My account was shadowbanned for no reason and ever since they updated the algorhythm in September I’ve stopped seeing the accounts I want to see and only they accounts they THINK I want to see. Instagram you’ve ruined the app and I’m devastated. If I could give the app negative stars t this point I would.

Stupid app

The update that made photos shownup in a non-chronological order is annoying and stupid. What was the logic and point of it? Make it OPTIONAL


I’m not too happy that we now notifications when others make comments on the same post. It is annoying to constantly see others comments and it stops a lot of people from commenting on posts.

3 account mess

I have 3 accounts and i don’t know Where i’m posting and who’s followers i’m following, please help, what’s going on, i liked the old one better


It is so frustrating that there is no support on the apps end. If you have a problem, its deal with it yourself or uninstall.

Love it

Wish that posts would be shown in chronological order, this new time like bugs me

video issues

Ive been trying to upload a video for the last 4 hours. Ridiculous. Fix this

Good for sharing, terrible for viewing

I guess it’s one of the best apps for sharing photos but let’s face it viewing photos on instagram is a nightmare. I wish you guys made viewing less painful.

Hate the new algorithm!!

It shows old posts and repeats itself constantly!! I just want new posts, not the old stuff Ive already seen- and I especially dont want to see the same post over and over and over!! I miss the old Instagram so much!! Bring back the chronological timeline!!!

Expresses how you are/feel

Before this app, I wouldn’t express how I feel. It made me feel awkward. Then I found this app so I tried it out. I posted stuff that expressed myself. Now I post most of the times. I like this app. Would give it a 5 Star. no promo but IG: dat_weird_kid_hi



Works fine on iphone. But not with Apple Watch.

I just got an Apple Watch and it uploaded my instagram app. But will not load. It keeps telling me “lost connection”. I have unpaired, then repaired the watch to try and get things going. Turned it on and off. Nothing. Please fix


This is NOT FACEBOOK. PLEASE GO BACK TO THE WAY INSTAGRAM USED BE!!! I’m seeing post from 6 days ago on my TL and I’ve refreshed it.

Feed order

I know I won’t stop using Instagram but it’s dramatically less enjoyable since it only shows me photos I’ve already liked and supplies me with about 5 new ones a day when I follow over 1k people. Please, we’re begging you Instagram to put our timelines back in chronological order.


I love Instagram so much

It’s really good!

I got instagram, and it works like a charm!

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